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How to Succeed in the Face of Change

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our world has become one of change and uncertainty. There isn’t anyone on Earth who hasn’t been forced to adapt to a new way of life due to the New Normal created by the pandemic.


As any motivational speaker will tell you, success in business goes hand in hand with being flexible and adapting to meet the needs of a constantly changing marketplace. However, the changes wrought by the pandemic have been something none of us have ever faced before and the ability to pivot swiftly has been more critical than ever.


To help you and your organization create a foundation for dealing with this unrelenting sea of change, here are some guidelines from a top motivational trainer:

Be aware of the change that is happening around you

Any top motivational coach knows change doesn’t have to equal struggle. Approach change with excitment and an open mind and it will help you learn new skills and strategies that can help your business long-term. Introduce these new strategies to your employees and challenge them to help you find a way to imporve efficiency.


Part of your plan for dealing with the change should be to map out your employees’ strengths and weaknesses to find way to effectively work them into your new approach. Find out what’s holding them back and help them improve in those areas so they become more effective in their role in the new environment.

Have an accepting mind

Being able to understand that your company is a small part of a much bigger landscape will help you cope with new situations, according to a top motivational coach. With this positive and proactive approach, you will not behave like a victim of the change and instead will look for ways to become a beneficiary of it.

Keep your normal work routine

This is essential to preserve your company’s culture and a feeling of security among your employees. Make sure your employees keep their normal schedule even if they are working from home. If you have meetings every week, be sure you do everything for that virtual meeting that you would do for an in-preson one such as creating an agenda that is circulated to everyone in advance.

Use the obstacle against itself

The Greek philosopher Plutarch once said that a truly wise person can find a good use for everything, including their enemies. It is pretty simple. Either you will overcome the obstacle or the obstacle will crush you. To avoid this happening to you and your organization, find ways to work smarter so the challenges defeat themselves. Challenging times are not a time to rest on prior achievements. Everyone has to work harder to capitalize on this new opportunity. Remember, your employees will look to you as their leader to see how they should behaving and responding to this new threat. Set an example that keeps everyone on course.

Constantly challenge the way things are done

To achieve optimal results during uncertan times, all options must be considered. Existing processes and approaches must be constantly examined and re-examined to ensure that they are delivering as much value as possible. Those that are not working muct be replaced. Never keep something going that is not working simply because of the investment that went into its development. Money saved is just as valuable as money earned.

Be proactive with your customers

Become a partner they can rely on by assuming they are also facing challenges with their business. Walk a mile or two in their shoes and try to map out their challenges before you approach them to let them know how you can support them. Showing that level of concern and interest will go a long towards earning their business.

Be thoughtful and empathetic

Perhaps the best advice right now is just to be human and understand that everybody is living with a similar – or higher – level of uncertainty and ambiguity than you are. No-one’s got it easy and it is vitally important you exhibit empathy in your outreach. Additionally, with all the extra stuff we’re all dealing with, make sure you are considerate of your prospect’s time. Be prepared, be concise and be flexible.


The right time to prepare and respond to the conditions caused by our rapidly changing world is right now. The crisises and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are not going anywhere any time soon. Getting through this with an open mind and a git ‘er done attitude could end up being the silver lining to this whole episode as you will emerge stronger than ever and ready to tackle anything that may come your way in the future.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Natasa Tomic is a journalist and content producer who specializes in writing about business and sales.


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