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Help High School Students Stay Motivated

Use these 3 tips to help high school students get and stay motivated throughout their teen years.


Parents can tend to go into a bit of shock when their children reach their teen years. They are suddenly faced with this “stranger” with attitude and total lack of drive. Finding ways to keep teens motivated can be a real challenge for any teacher or parent. Here are three tips to help you, help high school kids stay motivated:


  1. Keep them Involved: Many parents do not allow their teens to have any say in what they should be doing with their lives. This is a great “demotivator” for the young man or woman. Teens need to be shown respect and feel involved in the decision making of their own lives. Involve your teen in decision making to keep them involved and engaged in their own goals. If your teen is doing their homework don’t barge into their room shouting about the fact they did not do the dishes. Instead knock on the door and ask them when they can do the dishes, or negotiate a deal such as I’ll do the dishes if you could take out the garbage when you are done. Giving them choices of what works better for them is not spoiling them. Instead it teaches them the art of negotiation, helps them feel they achieved something and shows them that their opinion matters.


  1. Explain Why: Don’t keep laying down laws and orders without explaining why. Let them know there is a reason other than “I said so.” Justify things such as chores and algebra by showing them the positives of doing the task at hand, what will the ultimate benefit be for them. This approach will continue to keep them involved and learn that setting goals is a must to achieve success.


  1. Help Them Achieve: For any person young or old nothing is a better motivator than feeling a sense of achievement. Whether it is losing three pounds to help you see you can lose 10 or 20 or studying a little harder to see your grade go up by 10 points, achievement begets a hunger to continue to achieve. Offer incentives and rewards so your child or student can see that doing well feels good and produces success. They are more likely to learn to love success and pick up their game to achieve it.


Teens need to feel respected and appreciated for who they are and what they can achieve. Keeping teens involved in decision making, offering explanations and helping them to feel the thrill of achievement will keep them motivated throughout their high school years. Remind yourself of the above tips to help high school students stay motivated.


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