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4 Motivational Habits for Success and Significance

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… These are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” 

 – Confucius –

4 Easy Habits You Can Learn Today to Keep You Motivated

Motivation is a double-edged sword that can work for or against you. We all know someone who displays an unrelenting drive to succeed, has razor sharp focus, and confidence. We find ourselves inspired by some people and wonder how we can obtain the kind of passion and resilience they have. When you break it all down, an individual lives and dies by the good (or bad) habits that are interwoven into the fabric of their daily routines.



Your habits define your existence because they are the ingredients that comprise the structure of your life. The habits an individual has nurtured will inevitably either lead them towards the path of success or that of disappointment and frustration. Habits are the architecture of our lives and we are the architects. Here are 4 motivational habits you can do each day to bring more significance and success to your life.



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1. Plan Your Day

As the old military adage goes, proper planning promotes peak performance. Successful people take a few minutes each night to plan their next day. While you don’t have to plan each minute, you should know what tasks you have, how you can accomplish them, and when to do what. Writing it as a list can help you clarify everything and can help reinforce the idea. Taking the time to plan out your day helps you accomplish your tasks in a timely and orderly manner. Plus, it helps you focus on your life (and particular needs each day).









2. Set Priorities (in Life/Each Day)4habits4

Successful people also set priorities for each day of the week. They also have long-term goals in place, such as where they want to be in five years. Having a long-term goal is excellent, but you have to learn how to break it up into yearly, monthly, and daily tasks that can easily be completed. Set aside some time each night to prioritize your goals and objectives for the following day. Then try to plan for the week, month, or year. The quickest way to become unmotivated is to lose track of your daily/yearly goals.

3) Schedule Your Habits

W4habits5e can’t always count on ourselves to suddenly become motivated to take care of things. If you find yourself asking when you will finally come around to starting that project or other responsibilities than you will inevitably put yourself in a position of waiting to “feel” up to it doing that thing, which is not always reliable. The difference between professionals and amateurs is that professionals create schedules and commit to it while amateurs depend on “feeling” motivated. Schedule a set time to take care of important tasks and stick to it. You are more likely to get it done instead of waiting to get inspired.

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4) Complete Important Tasks First

Most people are, by definition, procrastinators. They like to put things off until the last minute because they believe the pressure makes them better at what they do.  Instead of waiting all day, do what you know is essential at the beginning. Try to take care of things on your list that will take the most time, resources, or energy to complete. You will feel less anxious throughout the rest of your day knowing that the most important tasks are done.


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Don’t Think! Just Do!

Creating motivating habits and rituals are important to your success because it takes the thought of starting out of the equation. Most people never get to doing anything because they spend too much time deciding how to get started. Turn motivation into a habit by learning how to show up, and actually showing up. No matter what.

Get Motivated.

Stay Motivated.

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