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Learn How To Stay Motivated by Igniting Your Motivational Attitude

Whether you’ve decided to take on a new hobby, career or other lifestyle change, you must learn how to stay motivated. Most people find that the passion for starting is easy and comes freely, but after a while, it diminishes. It is important that you learn how to ignite your motivational attitude so that you can continue on your new path without getting discouraged.


Visualize Yourself Completing the Goal


visualizationVisualization of future success is a great way to get yourself mentally prepared for what you are going to have to do in order to succeed. Visualizing your success sparks the inspiration and excitement to get yourself started on achieving your tasks. When you tell yourself that you can’t do something, you often will not complete that task if you even begin the task in the first place. On the other hand, when you tell yourself you can do something, you often will complete the task.


Here is a great article from the Huffington Post that will give you some deeper insights into visualization and its connection to motivation and the ability to complete your goals.


Read a Motivational Book


I personally came across a great motivational book the other week by W. Clement Stone titled The Success System That Never Fails. Mr. Stone was said to be The Father of Positive Mental Attitude & Success. In his book, he listed 17 Principles of Success. Motivational books and articles like this can give you some great advice that you can put into practice.


The key here is that you take what you like out of the motivational book or article and leave what you don’t like. Once you have a list that you believe will work for you, start trying each of the suggested bullet points.


Watch a Motivational YouTube Video


Sitting down to watch a motivational YouTube video can improve your motivational levels almost immediately. There is so much to pick from, there is always something motivating for everyone. Try this YouTube video that showcases Motivational Quotes by Pitbull The Rapper. Motivational videos/audio clips are much easier and quicker to get through than motivational books and articles.


If you are short on time or if you are in need of motivation while performing a task than try putting a motivational YouTube video on. The video may just be an audio track of motivational and inspirational speakers, but it might just provide the motivational edge you were looking for.



Find Your Passion


find-your-passionMotivation is much easier when you do something you truly love. While not having passion won’t stop you from doing something, it can make it much harder to stay with. It’s also important to note that desire for something won’t necessarily make it easier to do. There could still be obstacles that you did not think of that arise along your journey that will set you back and extinguish your motivation. You may also notice that over time you may want to quit or do something different. However, passion for the change can help you push on and overlook the small (or large) challenges you face until things get easier and more interesting again.


A great way to help you improve your chances of succeeding at your next endeavor is to set goals. We have created a great article to help you understand how goal setting can improve your motivational levels and chances for succeeding in your next endeavor. Crossing the Motivational Chasm – How to Build A Bridge Between Motivation & Success With These Simple Goal Setting Tips.


Take a Break


take-a-break-relax-refresh-rechargeStraying from a project or lifestyle change for long periods can make it harder to pick it back up, but it is important that you learn how to take breaks. Allowing yourself a few moments to breathe is critical to generating new ideas, cultivating energy and fostering creativity. Forcing yourself to keep going when you’re emotionally or physically drained can cause you to lose sight of your passion and quit. Frustration can occur at any stage of any endeavor. It is wise to learn how to stop and work on something else until the frustration passes.


It is important that you take your breaks in the best possible way. This will vary from person to person. For example, walking away for five minutes may not be enough time, while a 15-minute jog might be just what your body and mind needed. Other people may find that starting a new project and working them both at different times helps them keep their mind sharp and fresh. You must practice different things while taking breaks to learn what works best for you.


Here are six different ways to take a 10-30-minute break!


  1. Take a break with a friend or make a phone call during your break
  2. Take a nap during your break
  3. Meditate during your break
  4. Eat/drink something during your break
  5. Play a game during your break
  6. Watch a video during your break


Find Others with Your Passion


Other people can help you build your passion even more and can help you when you need a break. If you are a chef and talk to others who have a passion for cooking and experimenting, you’ll awaken your motivational giant again, especially if you’re in a slump and can’t think of new dishes. The same is true of anything you take on in life, so search for others who love the same things as you. They can help you get through rough patches, but can also help provide additional motivation and creativity.


Learning how to stay motivated can be difficult, but it will be one of the most beneficial learning experiences of your life! Visit the website of Doug Dvorak now to learn more about motivational keynotes for your organization.


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