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The body language sales performance connection!

Who you are speaks so loudly, of course I can’t hear what you are saying!

Every sales presentation you make allows you to communicate in two ways: 1) With your words and 2) With your body. Making sure you maintain a confident, easy demeanour will help deliver your message with the confidence you are trying to convey.

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

Even the receptionist at the client’s office is watching you. When you arrive be friendly and pleasant and while waiting sit with a relaxed smile. You may have a frown when in repose and not even know it. You have to be certain you don’t look nervous or unhappy. Remember the basics, with a firm palm to palm hand shake. Make eye contact and smile with a sincere smile. This will show you are honest and confident. Make your way to the presentation room with a confident, quick stride to show that you feel good about being there and that you have a lot to offer.


During your Presentation

If you are sitting during your presentation avoid being too casual. Sitting with an ankle crossed on your knee will appear disrespectful and leaning back with your hands behind your neck makes it look like this is not an important meeting for you. You should also avoid hand gestures and pointing as some people feel threatened by such signs of aggression. Sit tall and erect and try to look relaxed and make eye contact with each individual as you speak.

Handy Tips to Watch during your Presentation

From the get go hopefully you won’t be facing a room full of frowny faced suits sitting with their hands crossed or arms folded as this means they are not open to what you have to say. If anyone starts to drum their fingers this means you are losing them so stay focused and make all your points as quickly as possible. If you can see people listening with their chin on a thumb look at their index finger. If it is up the side of their face they are listening and they are evaluating. This is good. However, if they are covering their mouth or are using an index finger on their lips they disagree with your strongly. Never tip your hat you are on to their negativity as it will make you appear insecure.

Be clear with your words and open, honest and welcoming with your gestures for the ultimate sales pitch.


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