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Infographic – 9 Areas Of Focus To Improve Motivation Levels

9 Areas Of Focus To Improve Motivation Levels

Enjoyment – Those that enjoy what they are doing will do a better job and work harder and longer than those who do not enjoy what they are doing.

Rewards – Those who receive better incentives for doing something will work toward achieving a set goal more diligently than someone who receives less powerful incentives. This also improves levels of enjoyment!

Sense of Accomplishment – Every human has a desire to achieve! The more you feel you are achieving the more motivated you become. Add to your sense of accomplishment by setting goals – Let Go Of Frustrations to Achieve Goals

Sense of Ownership – When you feel you own something, you will put more effort into making sure that thing succeeds

Confidence – Hire levels of confidence can lead to better motivational levels through better personal self-esteem.

Help – When help is there for you when you need it, you are able to work more productively. This makes you feel better by giving you a better sense of accomplishment.

Positive Attitude – An improved positive attitude is extremely important. Your mind is a powerful thing and having a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) can improve motivational levels dramatically. Related PMA Article: Survive & Thrive With a Postive Mental Attitude

Opportunities – When you sense there is a lot of opportunity to improve, you tend to work harder and more successfully towards taking the steps necessary to take advantage of those opportunities.

Recognition – When you are recognized for your accomplishments and achievements you feel good about yourself, confidence improves and motivational levels also improve.



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