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How To Get Motivated & Stay Motivated

Learning how to get motivated and stay motivated will pay dividends to you later in life as you develop positive motivational habits that keep you focused and determined. Having the desire to stay motivated is a difficult task at times but can be honed and sharpened just like your ability to run. The first big step in determining what keeps you motivated is determining what you are being motivated for.


This means that setting goals must be a critical part of sustained motivation. In order to actually set a motivational routine, again, you need to know what you are being motivated for in order to motivationally prepare properly for the upcoming task or activity. Once you have a goal in mind you can start to mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming activity that must be performed in order to achieve the desired end result you had in mind.


Getting Yourself Psyched Up!


In order to get yourself mentally prepared for an upcoming activity, you can try some of the following.


  1. Visualize Yourself Completing the Goal

Visualization of future success is a great way to get yourself mentally prepared for what you are going to have to do in order to be in that position. Read more about the power of visualization here – “Dream On” – The Power of Positive Visualization to Enlightenment.



  1. Read a Motivational Book


I personally came across a great motivational book the other week by W. Clement Stone titled The Success System That Never Fails. Mr. Stone was said to be The Father of Positive Mental Attitude & Success. In his book, he listed 17 Principles of Success.


  1. Watch a Motivational YouTube Video


Sitting down to watch a motivational YouTube video can improve your motivational levels almost immediately. There is so much to pick from, there is always something motivating for everyone. Try this YouTube video that showcases Motivational Quotes by Pitbull The Rapper.


Completing The Goal & Staying Motivated

It is one thing to get motivated, but it is another thing to stay motivated. Staying motivated requires you to consistently reach goals and accomplish things. Once you have completed a goal you feel a sense of relief and accomplishment which drives your motivational levels and your desire to push forward and achieve even more.


A great way to ensure that you are reaching your goals consistently is to monitor and track your progress. Once you have a clear goal and strategy in mind you can start to track your progress in a journal. This will help improve your motivational levels by creating a sense of accountability as you are holding yourself accountable for your desired end goal when you write in your journal. You will be able to see clearly what you have and have not accomplished when you start monitoring your progress.




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