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5 Steps To Improve Your Attitude

It’s possible to retrain your brain to improve your attitude, though it will take some time and it won’t happen overnight. While there are many success stories out there and many people telling you what to do and how to do it, a few simple steps are all you need, though you’ll have to be diligent about working on them and actually putting them to use. Work on these 5 steps to improve your attitude and you will see results.


1. Believe In Yourselfbelieve-in-yourself

The first step is to tell yourself and believe that you can change and to believe that you actually can. Without fully believing in yourself you will not succeed.  If you start out believing negative things about yourself, you will always lack the positive self-confidence you need to succeed, so believe in yourself first.


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2. Go Elsewhere

If you find yourself stressed out, it’s easier to blow things out of proportion and lose sight of what truly matters. You don’t need to raise your blood pressure or see spots before your eyes because you were cut off on the highway. Whenever possible, get yourself into a new environment to change your perspective. If you can’t break away from work or driving, consider meditation to help you go somewhere else inside your head.
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3. Reenergize/Refuel

re-fuelBeing hungry or tired (or worse, both) can be highly damaging to your thought process. Your brain will interpret a lack of sleep as threats to the central nervous system, which clouds judgment. Likewise, your brain can sense a threat if you are too hungry. Store up energy that can be used to complete current projects and help you be more focused to start something new.



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4. Identify Positive/Negative

It’s great to say you should always think positively, but that rarely happens. Instead, you may decide to identify both the positive and negative feelings you have. Make a list and then rate them as positive or negative, and then try to come up with more positives than negatives.

5. Reduce Stress

Venting is an excellent way to improve your attitude quickly and can be an outlet for anger and stress. Learning how to meditate and how to breathe deeply during times of high-stress can help to improve your attitude. Try using mindfulness to reduce stress. Here is a great article on how you can use mindfulness in your life: Use Mindfulness for Sustained Motivation.


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