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Leading with Motivation: 5 Ways Leaders Can Create a Motivational Culture

 Creating a Motivational Culture

Morale is a vital aspect of developing a great team and organizational culture. Without a doubt there are going to be ebbs and flows when it comes to motivation. The ability for a leader to create and maintain the motivational culture will determine the success and happiness of the organization.


It goes without saying that leaders and managers cannot motivate their teams if they are not motivated. In order for leaders to create a motivational culture, they must learn to develop specific leadership skills that will allow them to inspire others to perform at their highest capabilities. Read on to learn how leading with motivation can help create a positive, healthy motivational culture.


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1) Ask About Their Goals


It is essential to understand how employees learn and grow. Leaders can improve the motivational culture of their organization by understanding the personal and professional objectives of their employees.

Take the time to ask them what their 5-year goals are. What do they hope to accomplish?  If you know what goals they want to achieve, you’re more likely to help build a culture where you can support them and encourage them to succeed.


2) Engage With Staff



All too often, managers forget about the junior staff or regular staff. Inclusion is a vital aspect of creating a motivational culture. Instead of ignoring them until things get bad, engage with them daily. Make it a point to say hello or give an encouraging word. Ask about their goals and aspirations. If possible, consider taking them with you to meet clients or include them on projects. Including your staff in things that aren’t necessarily their job could open their minds to new experiences and allow them to grow and become more motivated to achieve new heights within the company.


3) Learn How To Radiate Positivity


Motivated leaders often have infectious personalities that inspires others around them. Maintaining a positive mental attitude can encourage your team to get through tough times and difficult situations. Your employees look to you to build them up with motivation, so if you’re positive about everything, they’re likely to be more positive, as well.

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4) Focus On Motivation Problem Employees



Every office has an employee that just can’t seem to manage a smile or get the work done. Instead of writing off these employees, leaders can improve the motivational culture of their organization by addressing problem employees early on to ensure that the rest of the staff doesn’t catch the gloominess.

There are ways to address these issues while maintaining a positive outlook, which can help de-escalate the situation and help negative employees see the brighter side of things. As a motivational leader, learn to understand why employees are frustrated and find a way to help them to overcome issues that are causing them to think negatively.


5) Be Fearless


The best motivational leaders understand what it truly means to lead from the front. As a leader, creating a positive motivational culture means that you have won the trust of your team. In order to win your team’s trust and improve morale, leaders must join the team in the trenches every now and then.



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