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Motivational Strategies for Increased Employee Engagement

Every successful business has the below 3 traits.


  1. It must have an aggressive business plan accompanied by a well thought out strategy.
  2. It must have exceptional leaders
  3. It must have dedicated and engaged employees.


I have developed a few important motivational strategies for increased employee engagement. in an economy that is service oriented and personally connected via digital outlets.


When your employees are not engaged with their jobs, workplace productivity is low, and your employees fail to keep up with demands placed on them.


There are dozens if not hundreds of motivational strategies that can be employed to improve workplace productivity. Keep reading to learn some great motivational strategies you can use to increase employee engagement.


Show Employees That Managers Are Listening


Important issues in any businesses must be identified and acted upon. Great employees like to be part of the solution, they want to know their opinions count, and they want to contribute as much as they can. This gives them a sense of belonging which can pay dividends in terms of employee engagement and their level of work output.


Additionally, ask your employee’s for feedback. Instead of always receiving feedback from managers, engage your employee’s by asking them for feedback. By doing this, you are showing them that you care about them and that you are willing to adjust your management style to better suit them and their needs.


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Share Ideas


There is nothing more rewarding for an employee than to see his or her idea being praised. Management must ensure that employees are given the opportunity to share. Even if the idea is not used, employee’s will feel better about the company they work for if they can express their ideas.


On the contrary, if your employee’s idea sounds like a great solution to a problem, allow them to take part in implementing that idea if possible. By allowing your employees to express themselves and incorporate their own ideas into the company they work for, they will become more emotionally attached to their position and employment at the organization.


Peer to peer learning is a great way to foster engagement, strengthening bonds between employees.


Group Learning Strategies


Training sessions are traditional, and an integral part of working life. Training sessions help everyone involved to become more engaged and knowledgeable about the topic at hand. Training sessions allow employees to learn ideas and techniques to the forefront of the business that will improve a specific aspect of the business. Unfortunately, there is a tendency for group learning sessions to become “manager led.” An important motivational strategy is to act, not as a manager, but as a facilitator.


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The more engaged employees are, the more productive they become. Productive people are happy people, and happy people make for a happy workplace. Keep these motivational strategies in mind the next time you notice an employee struggling with workplace engagement.


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