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Learning How to Stay Happy with A PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

Did you know that the average person has about 45,000 negative thoughts each day or about 80 percent of all your thoughts? Most of your thoughts are stressful or unpleasant, and many people find that their brains work like a news channel, only reporting on the bad things with just a little bit of good, so you don’t get too depressed. Being aware of how much negativity is in your life is the first step in learning how to stay positive and happy.


How It Happens


Most people think negatively when they focus on the future or the past. The past is difficult because it’s already happened and you can do nothing to change it. Therefore, you should only learn from the past and not dwell on it. Too much dwelling on the past can negatively impact your performance today. The future can cause negativity because of all the unknowns, such as having enough money for next month to pay bills or where you’ll be in your career in five years. Staying happy with a positive mental attitude is important to your mental health and future success


Creating A Positive Mental Attitude


PMA doesn’t have to be impossible, even though it can seem like it sometimes. All you have to do is create awareness of your negative thoughts, break your spell and fill in the blanks.




Being aware of when you have a negative thought is the first step, albeit the most difficult. Some people do it without being aware, so it’s a matter of being more in tune with yourself. Try wearing a rubber band on your wrist and pulling it every time you have a terrible thought. You can also wear it as a reminder to focus on your feelings and see which ones are harmful. If you aren’t sure why you’re having that thought, ask yourself what’s going on in your life and how you can change it.


Breaking Your Spell


After you’ve spent a few days noticing your feelings and thoughts, you can start doing something about them. If you find you always have bad thoughts at a store or in a particular place, you may need to avoid that place for a while if possible. If it’s not feasible (such as when you walk into work), you may need to tell yourself that you like your job and coworkers or something similar. Whenever you have a negative thought, follow it up with a positive one, which can help your mental attitude. Over time, staying happy with a positive mental attitude will become a habit that will improve every aspect of your life.


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