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The 5 Best Ways to Stay Motivated Every Day

Have you ever met a truly nothing-ever-gets-me-down type of person? While their high-spirited nature is refreshing and inspiring, these people can often lead us to question why we aren’t similarly motivated in our own lives.


Spoiler Alert: No-one is naturally that upbeat. These people have worked at developing their positive approach to life. The truth is everyone faces setbacks at one time or another and to overcome them, we must find the motivation to get up in the morning and tackle them head-on. Here are the five best ways to motivate yourself every day:


Develop a consistent morning routine


Starting your day with a habitual morning routine is a great way to boost your mood. Think beyond hitting the snooze button six times before drowsily rising out of bed and stumbling to the bathroom. Your morning routine could start with something simple like taking a sip of water or reading an uplifting piece from a blog you actively follow.


Some people like to exercise early in the morning because it jumpstarts a fresh, energized mind ready to absorb new information. Whether you’re a morning person or not, consistency in your morning routine will help motivate you and prepare you physically and mentally for the day ahead.


Make small goals out of bigger ones


Our sense of satisfaction stems from accomplishing goals. On the other hand, devastation arises when we feel we aren’t fulfilling the promises we’ve made to ourselves. People fail to realize that giving themselves these huge goals with impossible deadlines does little but set us up for disappointment.


You should aim high in your ambitions but instead of throwing everything on the table at once, set smaller goals that will allow you to achieve your more significant objectives over time.


Give Yourself Props When Due


An achievement is still an achievement, no matter how small. You may have only lost five pounds so far on your weight-loss journey, but that has still brought you closer to your long-term goals, so you should acknowledge this just like any other triumph. Encouragement is the core of motivation. By reaffirming your good decisions, you can establish confidence and stay focused.


Speak Positively


Self-deprecating jokes may seem funny, but they are actually very harmful. When we constantly criticize ourselves, we begin to believe in our inability to do things and that our shortcomings will always hold us back. You’re not stupid for making a blunder, just human. When you encounter a negative thought, replace it with a positive one to make your headspace a better place to thrive.


Practicing affirmations is also highly encouraged if you wish to train yourself to have a positive attitude. Put inspirational messages on your bathroom mirror so you can read them in the morning or keep a journal where you write to yourself how successful you are and that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.


Visualize Your Success


Close your eyes and picture yourself five years from now. Your long-term goals, whatever they may be, should come into focus. When you see these glimpses of your dreams becoming a reality, motivation will ignite within you. Seeing is believing, even if what we are looking at is just a daydream.


Motivation comes from within, but you must experiment to find what sparks it for you. Even though someone else’s words or actions may inspire you, sometimes it is necessary to examine ourselves deeply to see what triggers our desire to act on the change we envision for ourselves and the world.


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