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Why Motivation Should be a Priority in Life and Business

Whether you’ve been in business for years or are just starting out, you may find that life can be full of accomplishments as well as setbacks. Motivation should play a significant role in all aspects of your life, including the business side. Motivation will keep you get you through setbacks and see you through many accomplishments. You may even find that lessons learned as a child (or young adult) come into play. For example, external stimuli are always present, but it doesn’t have to directly affect or impact you.


From a business perspective, it can seem harsh at first, but it is key. Two things can change your current course, and they can be good or bad, depending on your outlook and how motivated you are.


Something Excellent Happens

When something great happens in your life, you feel excited and renewed. For example, if you get a promotion at work, you are elated that you make more money and have more responsibility. Over time, however, that something excellent turns into another day at the beach. You get excited at first because it’s new and different, but over time, your motivation often wanes.


When something great happens, most people claim that they’re lucky, but luck has nothing to do with it. Consider how much you were prepared for that opportunity. The amount of effort you put in towards any opportunity always pays off in the end, despite the length of time it may take or the number of attempts you’ve tried. In the example above, you worked hard, learned the ropes, and showed the boss that you were capable of handling the new tasks given to you.


Something Excellent from Within

The newness from within aspect is a little harder to define because what motivates you is different than what motivates others. Some people focus primarily on money while others want recognition for a job well done. The goal here is to find a way to motivate yourself that doesn’t rely on anyone else. For example, you can recognize the great job you did or change the way you think about recognition overall.


Both outer and inner changes can have huge impacts on your levels of motivation. Learning how to harness those motivational levels during difficult times is what is going to help you accomplish the most amazing things in your life and business.




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