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The 6 Golden Rules of Great Customer Service

6 Golden Rules of Great Customer Service To Help You Achieve Customer Satisfaction


Customers are your lifeline and without them, you don’t have a company to run. Therefore, customer service has to be your top priority above all else. Many consumers won’t hesitate to end transactions before making the purchase, or to turn away from a brand because they were treated poorly, even once. Therefore, understanding the six golden rules of customer service will help you to ensure that they are happy at all times.



Listening is one of the easiest things you can do for your customers, but most people neglect it. Take the time to let the client talk about their needs, ask questions that are relevant and concentrate on what they’re saying. Don’t just assume that you know what they need or want because you probably don’t.


Customer Is Right

Most companies have forgotten that the client is always right. Whether or not they are rude, don’t listen to you or speak poorly, they make your job title necessary and pay your salary. That doesn’t mean that you should let people curse at you, but understanding how to calm them down is a necessity.



Customers know when you do and don’t care. Thanking them is polite, but if you don’t mean it, they’ll see through you. They want to know that you appreciate them and their business, but they also want to feel important.


Seek Feedback

Surveys are an excellent way to get feedback about improvements. It may hurt to hear some of them and take the time to sort through them, but they’ll feel appreciated.



Determining what your customer needs can be hard, but try your best to anticipate their needs by listening to them and trying to understand.


Give More

Customers can likely go to any store or brand, so it’s important to give them more, such as following up when they don’t buy something or doing things differently.


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