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Invest In You: The Brand That Really Counts

Who is the most important person you know? Spoiler Alert: It’s you. You are the most important person in your life. It’s you who decides what to eat, what to wear where to work, where to go for fun and recreation, and who to vote for.


You are in charge of your job, health and happiness. Of course, there are other people in your life and certainly, your friends and family are also important but make no mistake, you are the most important.


Sure enough, nature has endowed you with many abilities. Maybe you have a knack for making people laugh? Perhaps you’re a good singer or are good at selling? Possibly you are a great listener. Do you make friends easily or are you the contemplative type?


Everyone has something unique. It is nature’s way of gifting everybody with at least one special attribute and if you have made it this far with this article, you must know that you have a distinctive quality.


Your capabilities and talents are reflected in your job or your business. Your business and profits all trace back to you, your attitude, and your capabilities. Have confidence in yourself and you will realize you have unlimited potential. You have your mind and body under control, and you have talent and expertise in your area of business.


As any leading motivational speaker will tell you, the trick is to be introspective and regularly make honest assessments of yourself. Acknowledge your negatives but concentrate on your positive traits. Often, people assume being hard on yourself is “keeping it real” but it is important you are as considerate with yourself as you are with others. Make a list of things that are unique to you and your business. Improve upon the negatives and capitalize on the positives.


Say – for example – you are in the business of selling pizzas around your neighborhood. Let’s assume that your pizzas are tasty but, so are the pizzas of the other two pizzerias in your area. Your pricing is as competitive as theirs. You have home delivery service like them. You’re just as punctual as they are but, you have made it a point to deliver the pizzas at the customer’s doorstep, always with a smile and a few genuinely pleasant words.


You make it a point to only employ people that greet the customers with a smile. You instruct them again and again that this is an absolute necessity and the inability to serve customers cheerfully will lead to losing their jobs. You even make phone calls to customers after each delivery to find out whether the pizza was delivered cheerfully and hot.


You yourself are of a cheerful disposition. Since childhood, your parents drilled it in to you that you need to do everything with zeal in your heart and a smile on your face. That has become your personality and you want the same atmosphere in your business.


Soon, you will see customers loyal to you are increasing while your competitors are scratching their heads about your booming sales. As long as your product is on par with the competition’s, everybody prefers to do business with friendly and cheerful people. The cheerful delivery is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Point). This is your brand.


According to many top online motivational speakers, it is important to remember that you are the reason for your success. Whether you are a painter, speaker, actor, singer, businessman, or a writer. Whatever you are, your work is always an extension of yourself. Your work always reflects who you are. If you are friendly, your business will be staffed with people who are friendly towards each other as well as your customers.


If you have a lot of patience, that will also be reflected in the work culture as your staff will be inspired to have patience, too. Your customer service will be top notch as your employees will not show a hint of impatience while attending to customer complaints. Patience will become part of your brand.


If you have the gift of speaking about motivation in a humorous way and make listeners fall off their seats with laughter, your Inbox will be full of invitations to speak at meetings and other events. If you have survived a crisis and can relate your struggles to the audience in a way that lifts them up, you will be hailed as an inspiring survivor.


People will hold you in high esteem and not see you merely as a humorous speaker, but as someone that knows what life is really about. Your personal brand is then about being a person who has not just survived a tragedy but has a humorous and positive perspective about life.


If excellence is your raison d’etre, then in all probability you will spend most of your working hours improving the quality of your product until you take it to a stage where it becomes incomparable and leaves competitors behind.


Then, your peerless product automatically qualifies as the brand here. Customers and your employees know that your product is not a mediocre one. It bears the stamp of highest quality. Customers will develop a brand loyalty for your product with little persuasion.


So, it is obvious: Your brand is an expression of your qualities, skills, and your work culture. There is always a person behind the brand. Why don’t you find out what’s going to be your brand? Why not tweak it some more, improve on it, highlight it, and promote it so that when the competition gets hotter, you still retain your loyal customers.


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